River Tribe also means wellness


After a sport activity you can either relax with a restful massage or chose among one of our sport or relax packages.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a thousand-year old art which consists of many techniques. It has the goal of body, mind and spirit balance through the awareness of the present. It actually derives from the Sanskrit and means “union”.

Yoga Classes

We offer classes of Pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga (Osho technique), Meditation.

DURATION: 90 min (more or less)
WHEN: year-round
AGE: all ages
COST: at your discretion


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River Tribe collaborates with the best massagers in the territory, by ensuring unique offers that you can’t miss. It is given by a ten-year experience of different techniques in many countries: Thailand, Mexico, Sweden, Burma, Italy, the United States and India.
Thai Massage
This ancient practice operates on articulation, muscles and emotional charge in postures or weariness after strong physical activity, also acting on energetic channels (called Sen Sib) efficiently. Actually this discipline is built on a concept on men, considered in its entirety of mind and body. It’s key to enjoy a moment between sport and nature in its totality.

It’s practiced on the floor, by wearing comfortable clothes like tracksuit or other garments which allow wide movements. It has no age or condition limitations.

Oriental Blend Thai Massage
This treatment combines accurately old massage techniques together with current physiological and anatomical knowledge, which help to increase energy and calm the tension in order to reach full and deep relaxation.

* Thai Blend Massage employs essential oils.

Tok-Sen Massage
This is a peculiar treatment of Burmese origins, practiced with a special wooden hammer called “Tok-Sen”, a thousand-year old technique working on the “sen” (energetic channel) and used by Siam masters.


  • activity of choice
  • number of people in your party
  • lodging, if needed
  • date and time
Your phone confirmation is appreciated.

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