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The wonderful rhythm of nature…come live it with us!


Thanks to the experience of our staff, mature on the rivers of the world, River Tribe organizes trips and adventure expeditions to remote places.

Our trips are the perfect bond between sport and adventure, nature, culture and spirituality, always accompanied by the experts of the branch, which will guarantee full safety.

When possible, they will be combined with trekking, mountain biking, paraglider, yoga and more, it depends on the destination.

Rafting Expeditions

Our Rafting Expeditions are accessible to all: the important thing is to have spirit of adaptability and desire of adventure.

Navigating rivers will take you to live each moment intensely in contact with nature, the elements and yourself. Enjoy the beauties of the world and forget about the rest!

We arrive in the most hidden corners of the earth, wonders difficult to put into words.



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  • lodging, if needed
  • date and time
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