River Tribe is TREKKING

Pollino National Park

The Pollino offers a wide choice and wonderful scenery for trekking in the presence of millenary botanical species such as the Pino Loricato.


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Trekking | Hiking

Trekking is a motor activity consisting in walking through a place, either following itineraries (roads, paths) – in some cases equipped – or free, out of fixed itineraries.

Generally, it is practiced in the mountains or in another natural environment, and can be practiced together with other natural activities like bird-watching, the observation of botanical species or tours to visit monuments and natural phenomena along the path.

A lot of excursionists follow the “leave no trace” philosophy, in order not to let next people know about them. This philosophy is made up of clear rules regarding waste disposal, food packaging and respect for the environment. We protect our earth! Don’t forget it!



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