“We love nature, outdoor sports, travel, art, spiritual wellness and togetherness.”

The RIVER TRIBE LAO sports association is made up of a group of young and highly qualified experts with international experience in different fields. They want to share their passion, their love and respect for their territory and nature with clients in complete safety, by giving a unique and rare experience.
Antonio Trani

Antonio Trani

Founder & CEO

Antonio is a proper free spirit. His love for rafting was born on the Lao river and thanks to his unstoppable spirit of adventure he works and organizes expeditions in Italy, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, USA, Morocco, Nepal and India. He is now one of the most experienced rafting guides in Italy. He also worked on some of the most important rivers of the world, among these the Colorado (Grand Canyon). He is now organizing journeys in the most remote places of the world, he is a yoga instructor and speaks 4 languages.. a real deal!

Carlo Taglia

Carlo Taglia


Traveller, blogger and writer, author of the well-known book “Vagamondo”, which deals with travelling around the world without a plane. He is also the author of “Trip Factory”, a perfect handbook for who wants to travel alone, a book flying high on the online charts. Carlo is another Tribe pillar, a perfect rebel who has travelled to more than 50 countries in the world…magnificent!

Matías Beltrán

Matías Beltrán

Rafting guide, kayaker

100 percent Chilean, Tribe father, son and brother, is a professional following seasons all around the world. He professionally grew up in the Chilean Patagonia and trained on the Futaleufù, one of the biggest rivers in the world. He worked in Norway, Japan, Chile and Italy, which now knows like few others. His “strange” accent and his fun personality will overwhelm you! All the positive energy from South America in one word: Matías!!

Alfredo Gazineo

Alfredo Gazineo

Team Support

Our little big man, “Alfredino” for us. You will find him wherever we need: in the bar, in the office, taking photos.. anywhere! He will always be ready to welcome you with all his kindness and congeniality. Irreplaceable!

Thomas Mutschlenchner

Thomas Mutschlenchner

Rafting guide

The appearance, the accent and the name could confirm his origin, the South Tirol, but he`s a spirit beyond the Caribbean, always ready to welcome you with extreme kindness and joy. Expert in winter and mountain sports, in the river he worked in Italy, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and participated in the expedition to the Colorado River (Grand Canyon, Arizona). Immune to the height and cold, hardworking and tireless, he lives the outdoor world at 360 ° like few others. For the Tribe, having him is a priceless privilege!

Victoria Bianco

Victoria Bianco


She has the sweetness of a butterfly and the strength of a lion.. in one word Victoria, born in the USA but now living in Argentina. She studied in the USA and Europe, she lived and travelled around the world like few others. She has been working in websiting for 15 years and loves photography, art and all the beautiful things of the life.. a pure artist! Tribe has his “Joya”.. a rare pearl!

Nicholas Rinaldi

Nicholas Rinaldi


Some birds think that he is one of them, as Nicholas has been flying for more than 20 years in the Italian skies. He’s been an instructor for the “Aereo Club Riviera dei Cedri” flight school for 10 years. He’s been giving breath-taking panoramas to everyone who wants a view of the Tirrenic Coast from the top. If not flying, you will find him at the service of citizens, busy in innovative social policies. Number one… Tribe stuff!


Operator manager, Yoga teacher

If the good Lord had wanted to bring to earth the most beautiful creature he had ever imagined, he did it with Margherita. Her smile and her kindness will leave you breathless, always ready to welcome you with extreme calm. She`s a real force of nature, yoga teacher, interior architect, traveler and artist who never stops dreaming !!
The Tribe Goddess!

Antonio Alfano

Antonio Alfano

Logistics Manager

“El Compa” for everybody, he was born in Germany, where he probably received the “gift” for precision. Reliable, always ready to welcome you with extreme kindness, Antonio is another River Tribe fundamental pillar! He’s unmatched.

Nicolas Moyano

Nicolas Moyano

Rafting guide / kayaker

The river world knows him as “Pitico”. Born in Argentina, he was raised at the feet of the Aconcagua, on the banks of the Mendoza River. A true adrenaline seeker, he’s worked in Argentina, Mexico and Italy. He’s navigated one of the most powerful rivers in the world in Africa (Zambezi River, Zambia). He’s explored new rivers in remote areas of Mexico and, as if is weren’t enough, he’s sailed around the world in sailing (12 mt) in about 2 years. A real dynamite ready to welcome you with all his joy! River Tribe … unique by vocation!


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Rafting base

· a 4783 yd² green area
· amusement area for children
· wide dog area
· relaxation area for massages and yoga
· convenient car parking
· bar
· boarding area in front of our offices


Our River Tribe center is recognized by the Italian Rafting Federation. Our international team of qualified experts works in world rivers and in outdoor activities 365 days a year. Our rafting guides are certified with a federal FIRAFT permit and a river rescue SRT1, RP license.

Quality and price

We use top quality and certified technical equipment. Thanks to our partnership with SANDLINE, EXO, ROBFIN and LOMBARDO, the equipment provided are of high-quality to ensure maximum comfort in dressing and safety. Best quality at the best price.


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