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Lao River, Calabria

Every day more people develop a passion for rafting thanks to the close contact with nature, and the chance to combine relaxing and exciting moments.

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Rafting is a recreational outdoor sport that uses an inflatable raft. It’s a pretty recent sport, offially born in 1987.

It was born thanks to a group of enthusiastic people who, in order to promote and spread the activity, founded the Italian Rafting Association (A.I.Raft), now Italian Rafting Federation, recognized by the Coni as sport activity associated to the Italian Canoa Kayak Federation (FICK).

Whoever practices this activity deals with descents down creeks and rivers, categorised in degrees of difficulty, giving moments more or less exciting. Generally, a crew is made up of 6 passengers with their paddles, the propellant force, plus a guide who, thanks to his skills and commands, creates fun and safe trajectories.


Our guides are recognized with FI.Raft licences. They train to receive a II˚ degree licence to work on less demanding rivers, up to a V˚ degree licence, which enable guides to cope with more challenging rivers, thanks to the abilities acquired.


Rivers differ in degree of difficulty based on a range depending on the water volume of each river, starting from I˚(easy), up to V˚ (demanding and sometimes dangerous rapids) and, the last VI˚ (representing the feasibility limitation in commercial terms).

Every day more people develop a passion for rafting thanks to the close contact with nature, and the chance to combine relaxing and exciting moments.

The Lao River

Lao river rises in Basilicata, in the Pollino National Park in Serra del Prete, the higher lying areas on the slopes of the Mount Pollino at an height of 6560 feet, in Viggianello (PZ).
Called Mercure river in Basilicata, it traverses central-south Valle del Mercure valley. When it enters Calabria, in particular Laino Borgo e Laino Castello villages, it embraces its tributaries Battendiero and Jannello and changes its name in Lao.

From Laino Borgo to Papasidero, the Lao River is a breath-taking natural sight. By passing through the “Gole del Lao” (Lao Gorges), the canyon, in some sections up to 7 miles long and 985 feet high, gives an unbelievable panorama, full of waterfalls, luxuriant plant life and a pretty multi-colored flora. It is also possible to observe marine fossils on the rocks in some traits of the canyon.

Thanks to its features, being a karst river, it guarantees an average flow throughout the year. It is a well-known destination for those who want to play fluvial sports like rafting and kayaking.

The Lao River is navigable for 2360 miles. The trait from Laino Borgo to Grotte del Romito (Romito Cavern) in Campicello is the most exciting one with its majestic rock canyon, while the one starting from Campicello and ending in Papasidero shows its beauty thanks to the luxuriant nature surrounding the Lao River. Everything is framed in waterfall, lateral watercourse sounding like a sweet melody, fossils, caves, wooden bridges and more, totally immersed in the nature, in a wonderful landscape.



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