Pollino National Park, Italy

“A naturalistic pearl set in the heart of the Mediterranean”

Pollino National Park

L’Olimpo Naturale

To the Achaeans of the ancient Ionian colonies of Magna Graecia it must have appeared from the coast a bit like the Olympus of the motherland, with its majestic silhouette that unites heaven and earth, home of the gods who populated their fascinating mythological world. It seems, in fact, at least according to some scholars, that it was the Achaeans of Sibari who gave the Pollino Massif its name, from “Mons Apollineum”, Mount of Apollo, precisely because they elected our mountain giant as the home of one of the more loved and significant of all gods, like the son of Zeus, Apollo. The Pollino Massif includes several peaks above 2000 meters, and from here derives the name “Pollino”. With its 192 thousand hectares, it is the largest national park in Italy.

From a prehistoric point of view, inside the park there is the Grotta del Romito that holds a rock engraving about one meter long depicting a bovid, dated approximately 10800 years before Christ.

Natural beauty

The Pollino is a treasure chest of incredible natural beauty and great contrasts that makes it one of the most interesting and extraordinary parks in Europe, a natural pearl set in the heart of the Mediterranean that embraces two regions, Calabria and Basilicata. The park is rich in rivers, waterfalls, springs and ponds that transform it into a real kingdom of water that makes the whole territory a real explosion of greenery and trees of rare species, including the thousand-year-old Pino Loricato.


Due to its geological nature, due to the numerous chasms that plummet into the bowels of the earth, the Pollino also attracts lovers of caving, as well as all fans of outdoor sports. In fact, given the splendid and majestic natural landscapes, there is the opportunity to try such adventure as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, mountain biking. You are also welcome to enjoy relaxing moments in contact with nature and go trekking, take walks surrounded by nature, or practice yoga.

laino borgo

We are inside the Pollino National Park, on the border between Calabria and Basilicata. It is very easy to reach us on the Laino Borgo motorway exit, just follow the signs for River Tribe.



main distances

Napoli: 200 km
Lamezia Terme: 170 km
Costiera Amalfitana: 160 km
Salerno: 154 km
Cosenza: 100 km
Matera 160 km
Potenza: 100 km
Bari: 210 km
Lecce: 250 km
Rotonda: 9 km
Civita: 40 km
Viggianello: 10 km
Maratea: 35 km
Scalea: 38 km

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